Here you can find some helpful examples and guides for completing your course assignments.

Simply click on the link to open the example document.

Tips for Better Note-Taking for Greek and Hebrew Courses - this will make your outline/note-taking assignments so much easier!

Title Page for Assignments and Research Papers - all assignments and research papers must include a title page.

Request for Approval of Thesis/Dissertation Topic Form - Thesis and dissertation topics must first be approved by the Oversight Board.  Use this form to submit your topic.

Submission Page and Declaration Page for Theses and Dissertations- all theses and dissertations must include a submission page followed by a declaration page.

Lecture Outline and Notes - follow basic MLA outline structure.  Place your notes after each subject heading in the outline.

Chapter Summary - follow basic MLA essay structure.  Each Chapter summary should average 1 page in length.

Book Summary- follow basic MLA essay structure.  A book summary should average 5 pages in length.

Inductive Bible Study- an informal research paper focusing on a particular verse or passage of Scripture.  The paper should be structured according to the basic categories of survey, observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.  The paper should include your actual "observation" vertical chart page with explanation key.  The paper should follow basic MLA essay structure and include a "Works Cited" page for all references used.

TNARS Exegetical Paper Guidelines

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Reformed Seminary