The North American

Reformed Seminary

Mentor Candidate Information:

TNARS no longer provides institutional mentors for new students (please note that TNARS does not maintain a list of potential mentor candidates).  Students applying to TNARS are required to provide their own mentor who must be presented and approved by the seminary administration as part of the application process.  Mentor applicants must meet the following qualifications in order to be considered for approval by the seminary administration:(1). Full subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith 1788 American Revision (only minor exceptions to the Confession will be considered; mentor applicants who can at least subscribe to the London Baptist Confession of 1689 or the Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order 1658 will be considered on the condition that the mentor applicant is willing to sign an affirmation stating their exceptions to the WCF and affirming that as a mentor the WCF's teaching will be respectfully and faithfully represented, allowing the student to make his own determination regarding the doctrine(s) in question), (2). Master’s degree in a theological discipline to mentor ATS students;  M.Div, Th.M., or Doctoral degree in a theological discipline if mentoring BTS, B.Div., MTS, or M.Div students; Doctoral degree in a theological discipline if mentoring doctoral students.  The mentor does not have to reside in a location near you as long as you can maintain regular phone and email contact.  ​

Students are required to contact their mentor each month via email or phone to report on progress, even if no progress is made during that particular month.  Students who miss three consecutive monthly contacts will be dismissed from enrollment at TNARS.

Should a mentor become incapable of fulfilling his mentoring responsibilities or request to be dismissed from these responsibilities, the student must immediately postpone study and present a new mentor candidate for approval. Studies may resume after the new mentor candidate is approved.  

Mentor Expectations:

  • Provide counsel and instruction as student completes academic program.
  • Provide one-on-one Christian/pastoral discipleship.
  • Provide student with opportunities to exercise and test gifts.
  • Grade all assignments and keep a record of courses completed along with grades.
  • Submit a record of courses completed/grades to the seminary when student completes the program.
  • Inform the seminary if student fails to maintain monthly contact or withdraws from a program of study.
  • Provide updated contact information as applicable.

Mentor Information