The North American

Reformed Seminary

Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I am excited to learn about the worthwhile educational endeavor of The North American Reformed Seminary. Unfortunately, the modern evangelical church is suffering a serious decline in biblical and theological understanding. This is largely due to a general lack of concern for in-depth, exegetical preaching from the pulpit and sound, comprehensive teaching in the Sunday school classrooms. We have sold our birthright for a mess of pottage. With TNARS’ new, free program of Reformed instruction I am hopeful that a growing number of Christians will be able to greatly strengthen their understanding of God's Word.

Various Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in America have recognized our Master of Divinity program (and Bachelor of Divinity program) as an approved course of study for ministry preparation.

TNARS is recommended and/or endorsed by the following:

The Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches in New Zealand include and recommend TNARS as part of their approved ministry training program.

Gary North

Free is better. Apprenticeship is better. TNARS offers both.

This should have been done by conservative presbyteries beginning no later than 1808: the first year of the first seminary: Andover. But they all fell into the trap of distant formal education taught by non-pastors. This is like business schools taught by Ph.D.-holding bureaucrats who have never run a business. It makes no sense, but it is universal.

Now there is a better way.

Nicene Council & The Apologetics Group

The North American Reformed Seminary is truly a Godsend. Many seminaries today which claim to teach Reformed theology use the word ‘Reformed’ but have redefined or diluted the meaning. Not these folks. They are committed to God’s Word and the great volume of literature handed down by the once uncompromising church.

Jerry Johnson
President, & The Apologetics Group

Administrative Board Member, Whitefield Theological Seminary